Right to freedom?..

Please, excuse my bad English.
Now speak about the European democratic values much.  Especially here, in Ukraine.
Europe often expresses negative assessment freedoms in our country.   Destinies of journalists, prisoners and «separately taken mother»  very much disturb Europe.
The «law on Slander» seemed to the Union «our step back» in eurointegration.And to whom Europe grants a political asylum?

Here striking example: Anatoly Shariy.

The former Ukrainian journalist, and at this moment — the blogger. He was granted asylum & a residence permit in Lithuania. He lives in Netherlands. Apparently, the behavior and statements of   Shariy  suit the European community?

That from walls of his social networks:  insults to gays constantly sound, for immigrants & an insult of Muslims & women;  doesn’t confuse progressive inhabitants of Europe.


«On pages From-UA I will give an adequate answer to those, who prefer to fight with the women and children of their enemies …» — Shary writes in his article. When talking about own family.

And with whom he was fighting, when he calls «slut»  women, «prostitutes» and «black-ass»?

When threat of physical and psychological abuse of women & thouse  children?
When spamming & slanders that it filed a lawsuit?..  This man wants any scandal to get attention.  Тherefore he threatens that «others hands» will pursue children. And will begin with mailing of slander and offensive materials, since educational institutions?..
It is Lithuania, the Netherlands and EU call «democratic values and freedom»?

Whether his xenophobe and the homophobe is for Europe more valuable, than two Ukrainian families & thouse four (and soon already five) children? 


Besides this person publicly urges to justify condemned on  resonant murder. When the girl raped, tried to strangle and burned alive. Then she died in hospital. But Anatoliy wrote: «She’s a slut and it isn’t a pity for her»

Oksana Makar’s tragedy many information sites in the world, and also practically mentioned all largest mass media (here small part from them: BERLINER TAGESZEITUNG — Berlin the newspaper, ABC News, The independent Arab News, AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE, Le point, Paris Match, Aftonbladet, Slobodna Dalmacija, Star Gazete Wirtualna Polska, Ekstra Bladet, Giornalettismo, La Informacion). In particular, French «Le Figaro» printed the small article «Oksana’s Tortures Revolted Ukraine». And the The New York Times newspaper wrote: «Oksana Makar came to this world to open to the Ukrainian society of an eye»

He is better than me & my sons,  from the point of view of European values?
I just want to understand. Europe is so much to say about the rights, freedoms and tolerance, but she does not.

As we have on this, and what action to take? Or any person , who has received asylum in Europe, has the right to threaten and insult people?
You share the view that the Muslims, people are «not Aryan appearance» and come from Africa— is the people of the second &  even third-rate?


If anyone knows Russian, let translate for you.
Insults, in principle, it’s difficult to translate adequately. These are screenshots of social networks. Dialogues which seem to me offensive.

Is such a person can enjoy the hospitality of a foreign country? So much hatred towards Arabs and the people of Africa, the constant harassment of Muslims …  Insults and hatred of women

Why does the world community so calm on this?  Where is tolerance?
Оn his blogs and social media writes about politics & how to hate immigrants from the East.  Why he fled to Europe to protect himself  and to escape from justice.  Both to feel impregnable and to threaten people…
I know, you can’t to change it. Just want to inform the public about this man.
Thank you for attantion.

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